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In 1982, Raju Bhai (Rajagopal Ji) was linking the youth of Chambal with the campaign of non-violence and peace with the work of 'Yuva Shanti Sena' after the rebel surrender in Chambal. I decided to join this peacebuilding process and devote my life to the service of the marginalized people. From Ekta Parishad, I learned nonviolent activism and widely using it to fight against injustice and violence. Together we have succeeded to motivate thousands of rural youth to take up the lead from the bottom and stand for the deprived community. 


Today, as the president of Ekta Parishad organization, I want that in the coming years, we should work realistically for the self-reliance, social empowerment of the deprived society, and realize the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi in real sense.



For the first time in 1986, I participated in the youth camp held in Tilda which completely transformed me for a lifetime. In 1989, I voluntarily decided to go to the tribal region of Malwa (Madhya Pradesh) and devote my life to building a campaign among tribal people and farmers. I have proud to be a founder member of Ekta Mahila Manch in the Year 2002– a women wing of Ekta Parishad for encouraging the women leadership for fighting the rights of women farmers. 


Today, as a Vice President of Ekta Parishad and Convenor of Ekta Mahila Manch, I want to build a strong women leadership from the grassroots to the top of the organization. 


In 1979, as a part of student struggle, I have decided to join the nonviolent land movement of Bihar which was turning point of my life. After a few years, I was decided to be part of a social movement with the dream of rebuilding Bihar. In Ekta Parishad, I learned building grassroots leadership and campaigning.  For me, Ekta Parishad is the ‘organization of communities’ where every member is connected with the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation. 


Today, as a Vice President of the Ekta Parishad, I want to see the underprivileged society at the forefront of leadership so that our shared dream becomes true one day. 



Bastar in Chhattisgarh has been my first learning school of tribal life. In 1999, while walking 3500 Kms with Raja Ji, I started to assimilate nonviolence and transform my thoughts & behavior. As a campaigner, I was the part of dialogue and negotiations in every campaign; thanks to mass actions to balance and complement the dialogue and we have always achieved what we aimed for. 


As a National Convenor, I do strongly believe that Ekta Parishad is a ‘School of Nonviolent Thoughts and Actions’. By continue learning from this school let us together dedicate our collective energies & dreams and build a world free from hunger, injustice, and violence.


After joining the Ekta Parishad in 2001, I got a chance to walk in a foot march and participated in the series of youth camps under rebuilding the Bihar campaign. This was a life-changing experience for me and the success of youth camps filled me with inspiration. Ekta Parishad has a wonderful dimension of social work which gives me satisfaction and allows encouraging voluntarism. I am devoting my time to strengthen rural-urban linkages of youth.  


As a National Convenor of Ekta Parishad, I want the next generation of leaders to come forward at every level and make it a value-based Gandhian organization.



I was born in a peasant family, which is my deep, connect with the villagers and land. In 1990, I met with Raja Ji at a youth camp held in Rewa, which filled my life with inspiration.  Later, the struggle for the landless becomes the goal of my life while working in rural areas of Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh). As soon as Ekta Mahila Manch was formed in the year 2002, I was given the leadership of Madhya Pradesh where we all fought together for women’s land rights. After the success of long march of 2007, when the Forest Rights Act implemented and getting land to landless people in villages was really like realizing the biggest dreams of my life. 


As a leader of the National Committee of Ekta Parishad, I want our struggle of tomorrow to be so strong that we can altogether build a self-sufficient society and country.



As a displaced family from Simdega (Jharkhand), I have felt the pain and suffering of landless poor. In 1994, attending the youth camp in Bihar actually set the new meaning for my life and mission and then a new chapter in the struggle for land rights and justice of the underprivileged society in Bihar-Jharkhand started with Ekta Parishad. In 2002, I was given the leadership of Ekta Mahila Manch of Bihar and my next few years devoted to fighting for the women farmers. 


As a leader of the National Committee of Ekta Parishad, I want the deprived section of the society to become so empowered by our collective efforts and can lead the process of change in their life and their own society. 



Soon after participating in the youth camp in Tilda (Chhattisgarh) in 1999, I decided that Ekta Parishad is my new home. The struggle and activism for the poorest people changed the perceptive of my life. During the long march of 2012, I was given the responsibility to lead a team of 5000 people – a life-changing experience for me and I learned that foot marches are an open school of activism. Struggling for the land rights of thousands of landless and homeless poor is really like meeting common dreams.   


As a leader of Ekta Parishad National Committee, I want to see a society where every poor people own their own land and felt their dignity as a son & daughter of the soil.

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